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2015 American Pie Sale Highlights
Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 1 pm in Lebanon, Missouri
For information call Jack at 417-588-6121


J Bar J Zesty 264z
Sired by CL Burbank. Lim-Flex 50%. Double Homozygous.

L Bar J Zapper 712t
Sired by CL Burbank. Lim-Flex 75%. Homo Polled Double Black.

J Bar J Zipper 282z
Sired by ENGD Red Alert. Double Polled Fullblood.

J Bar J Zest 262z
Sired by CL Burbank. Lim-Flex 75%. Double Homozygous.

J Bar J Razzy
Top selling open heifer
2006 Heart of Missouri Limousin Breeders Sale
Sire: Lenape Polled Liberty
Purchase by JWJ Enterprises
Polled and horned sisters for sale at the farm

J Bar J River Cut 529R
Top Selling Lot
2006 Heart of Missouri Limousin Breeders Sale
$6000 Sold To Klinksick Farms, Rocheport, MO
Sire by Lenape Polled Liberty, Brothers for sale at the farm
Call Jack TODAY

OAKM Lady Lauri 1255N Sire: WRC PUNCH
Bull Calf born 9/15/05, sired by Lenape Polled Liberty

OAKM Lady Lori 925K Sire: Goldenview Kruggerand
Bred to Lenape Polled Liberty. 

COSC Kendall Sire: Wulfs Quarterback. Sells open and ready for transplant. Selling with her 11/04 Homozygous Black Double Polled son of Jag. What a great pair!

GC Keepsake Sired by Cole First Down. AI Bred th TNUH Blue Print. Sells with embryos by Guardian. Also Selling her Dakota Daughter and Keystone Grand Daughter.
Consigned by Joshua Glendenning

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